Our Story

Our Story

We did not set out to solve a problem in the jewelry industry; rather, we felt drawn to fulfill a need by both duty and dedication. The jewelry you wear represents you: your personality, your passion, your style. We always want to let that shine the brightest. We say that life calls for quality. It shows genuine respect for the artistry and for you, the customer. Rangel’s Art takes on a responsibility to provide customers with products that not only look beautiful but stay beautiful for years to come. Starting out, we never wanted to lose sight of our goal to always provide quality pieces, handcrafted every time.

We never imagined that we would be who we are today from such humble beginnings. Owner and artisan Shanglee Rangel began by crafting a single wind chime. An artist at heart, he always found joy in breathing life into new creations. Spurred by a passion, he made his first windchime, pioneer steps toward the art of jewelry making. As many firsts go, it was a learning experience that lead to more practice, more interest, and the birth of a love for handmade creations. Through the process of learning and gathering resources, he found his true interest: working with semi-precious metals and gemstones. It was then that he began to create beautiful works of art in the form of rings and other jewelry.

The birth of Rangel’s Art was truly a hands-on affair, built from the ground up through dedication and a passion. Shortly after the company’s birth in October of 2016, Mr. Rangel took to craft fairs and local shows to spread the word and display his creations. After cultivating a small community, there was enough support to open a stall at a local marketplace. Nested in the Great Smoky Mountains—home to many and a nationally renowned tourist destination—this initial endeavor proved to see the business flourish with local support.

However, life is not without its hardships, and November 2016 wrought those hardships across the entirety of East Tennessee. The Great Smoky Mountains made national news when wildfire devastated the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The fires burned over 17,000 acres of land across Eastern Tennessee, blazing through the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area. This put the entire area under heavy financial stress, and Rangel’s Art was not spared.

In the aftermath of tragedy, we persevered. There is not a more discouraging moment than starting over, but luckily, we did not have to, thanks to the community that saw us grow from the beginning. No step in the building of Rangel’s Art was taken without contemplation and spiritual guidance, and this pivotal point in our history was no different. We began our online store in the spring of 2018 in order to reach back out to our community. We wanted a way to overcome the limitations of a brick-and-mortar establishment while delivering the same one-on-one experience.

We have established our online store as a way of reaching a broader horizon, but we are still grounded in our roots. Every work is handcrafted by one man with care, each made to order as to ensure beautiful results with every piece. We strive to always remember where we began and to deliver the same outstanding quality and craftsmanship every time. We can only hope that life continues to open new doors and new opportunities for us and our community in the future.

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