Establishing Rangels Art in October of 2016, we never set out to sell fine Jewelry.
Wind chimes, and other types of hand crafted creations.
That all changed shortly after needing to find gold for a wind chime.
Researching all the companies we chose to buy from a company named Stuller.
We had to go through some red tapes, thought it was a bit extensive just wanted to buy some gold, after we got our order,
a few days later we received all these catalogs and welcoming letters into the industry.
After some prayer, and thinking it through why not sell jewelry, 
Our plans changed a little, we first rented a permanent fixture at a local flea market,
which was not a bad start we are based in one of North Americas most visited tourist attractions,
The Great Smokey Mountains. 
All was fine then tragedy struck, our mountains caught fire, and slowed tourism by two thirds easily,
which by the Grace of God we didn't lose anything physically, but financially it struck pretty hard.
Did not let that stop us, we closed down the booth started the web store we hope you like it.
we offer all kinds of jewelry in many metals and styles you can find many items ready to buy
if not you may find it in our complete gallery in the drop
down menu. Thank you truly have a blessed day.
                                                                                     Shanglee Rangel